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Hardware accessories

Moteco Steel offers hardware, accessories and complete architectural systems for all glass productions. We offer our customers the most practical, useful and modern solutions!
Our products are high quality with competitive prices that respects the quality norms and certification.

Moteco imports a whole range of systems and accessories for: glass doors, shower cabins, gliding systems, accessories and door hardware, glass walls, glass partitioning, glass handrails, and also for:

  • Glass doors hinges;
  • Handles, knobs, door locks for glass doors;
  • Glass doors floor spring;
  • Glass standoffs;
  • Silicon and magnetic gaskets for glass doors and shower cabins;
  • Aluminum profiles for glass partitioning;
  • Accessories and profiles for glass handrails;
  • Stabilizer bars;
  • Glass shower cabins hardware and accessories;
  • Glass doors sliding systems;
  • Glass shower cabins sliding systems;
  • Standoffs and systems for glass canopies.


We have a lot of ideas and solutions for the utility of glass hardware accessories already made practical in order to find the best way to make them work for each project. The glass is excellent because it does not obstruct the architectural interior design and it integrates perfectly in almost every idea for a new design.



Glass hardware can be used in interior space on glass partitioning, folding doors, swing doors, case doors, shower cabins, handrails.
It can also be used in exterior space of houses, commercial buildings and institutions.


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