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Laminated glass

Laminated or stratified glass is made by uniting two or more than two sheets of glass at very high temperatures with different degrees of thickness in between having an EVA or HCG sheet type.

EVA type sheets can be transparent, matt or colored.


The most important benefit of laminated glass is the safety of the people; in case of breaking, the glass fragments stay together because of the interior sheet layer. It offers protection against solar beams and it also has a very high level of phonic isolation.



Moteco recommends and uses laminated glass for floor panels, sun blinding, stairs and handrails in location that have a high risk of vandalism or fire arms attacks, burglary, for vision panels that can reduce noise or the action of beams of UV light. The glass that can be laminated can have different degrees of thickness, can be painted or printed in order to create a multiple effect.

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