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Personalized glass

Cladding with printed or painted glass in different RAL colors gives your home a modern and practical design. It can successfully replace the tiles from your kitchen or bathroom, glass cladding being more practical and more hygienic.

The personalized glass gives an elegant vibe to the room and it is very easy to keep clean. The print can be also used on non-laminated fiber wood board furniture or on the production of printed glass cladded furniture.


Through the unique design you have the possibility to choose simple glass panels, one color panels or you can choose anytime the digital printed glass with different drawings or multicolor images that can reflect your own personality.

Unlike ordinary tiles, the decorative glass panels can enlarge the perspective on a small kitchen because the glass reflect the light very well.


The printed or painted glass gives an elegant and modern design to the space that you want to be decorated.
We recommend the usage of printed and painted glass for:

  • replacing the tiles and the counter top of your kitchen;
  • shower cabins and shower screen;
  • plating a wall as a painting on any covered space, wherever you want to create the WOW effect;
  • sliding doors, swing doors, door case doors;
  • glass compartmentalization, folding doors, as well as interior and exterior handrails.

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