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Moteco Advisor

Moteco Advisor’s main activity is importing and exporting different type of
products, machinery, construction materials, as well as household appliances.

The acquisitions are made internationally, Moteco Advisor also assures consultancy services,
carries and honors the import and export of the ordered goods.

We work with the most professional suppliers and we assure that our goods are top quality
and the price is affordable.

We present to you at least three different price offers with products description and detailed images
of the item. According to your requirements we can personalize the order and the final product.
We work with factories that can produce and take orders and can finalize them
in the deadlines discussed with the customer.

We offer services like inspection of the goods and
guarantee the quality of the services.

Our 8 years of experience in this field offer the possibility of
choosing the best suppliers out of the multitude that are now on the international marked, the
relationship between us being strengthened by a partnership based on trust and professionalism.

The imports that we did until now were from the fallowing countries: Russia, Turkey,
China, Korea, India, Vietnam and also from countries that are part of the European Union.


The range of the products imported and exported
are mostly in the following categories:

  • Glass;
  • Light and heavy industry construction machinery;
  • Spare parts (for machinery and equipment, consumables, etc);
  • Plastics;
  • Ink;
  • Hardware;
  • Aluminum profiles, pipes;
  • Interior and exterior cladding;
  • Construction  materials;
  • Fitness equipment;
  • Household appliances;

Bd. Marasti, nr.59, Sector 1, Bucuresti


Telefon: 0727 225 822