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Glass canopies are spectacular architectural elements for entries that adds extra elegance to houses or commercial spaces where they’re used. They are safe, aesthetical and transparent and give good vibes to the viewer.

We offer a large variety of glass canopies, in many colors and shapes. They can be made out of secured and laminated glass and the fitting choices are of many types: stainless steel wires, stainless steel rods, U-shaped profiles, etc.


Glass canopies have, on one hand an aesthetic function and lets the light get into the building, and on the other the function to protect against rain and snow.
According to the architectural project we can provide you with solutions on the hardware you need for your type of canopy.



Glass canopies are used for protection at the entry of houses, institutions or commercial unities. They are secure, aesthetical and transparent and are a sign of classiness.
The glass used can be clear, colored or sandblasted, the thickness also can be according to the dimensions and demands.


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