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Handrails are used to meet the security demands in the area where there are interior or exterior staircases and balconies. The glass used is secured, has the thickness of 8-10 mm. Besides the safety function, handrails also offers a unique design.

Handrail systems can be made only from stainless steel or from combining it with glass. They are made from vertical pillars and horizontal rails made of stainless steel with clamps to enhance the stability of the glass according to their utility and to the allocated space.

The handrail systems that we promote are:

  • Floor joints handrails;
  • Handrails that are fastened using standoffs;
  • Handrail systems with pillars.


Besides the safety function, our handrails offer additional design.



Our handrails can be successfully used on flat surfaces but also on slopes and in spaces like: offices, commercial locations and also in private houses.
The price is individually calculated according to every customer’s choice, taking into consideration the personalized demands of each beneficiary.


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